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METAL FABRICATING - Oil Field Industry
BUILDINGS - Prefabricated Metal


Metal Fabricating

2,304 Verified Suppliers (Page 1 of 47)
Technical Metal Specialties, Inc.  
New Berlin, WI
Custom metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminum fabrication of sheet & tubing. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
New Tech Metals  
Green Bay, WI
Metal Fabrication, Fiber Laser Cutting, CNC Forming, CNC Punching, Robotic Welding, Metal Finishing and Full Service CNC Machining
Staub Manufacturing Solutions  
Dayton, OH
Complete Metal Fabrications. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
ACC, Inc.  
Russellville, AR
Metal forming & fabrication, including laser cutting, forming, welding & powder coating
Aero Tech Manufacturing, Inc.  
North Salt Lake, UT
Precision sheet metal (aluminum, stainless, carbon), laser cutting, forming, precision welding, powder coat & paint, electromechanical assembly, truck mount surface (carpet) cleaning equipment & radiant heating / cooling ceiling panels.
B & M Steel & Welding, Inc.  
Union City, IN
Fabrication, cutting, shearing, punching, forming, welding & assembly
Clipper Industries, Inc.  
Itasca, IL
Lasers, Spot Welding, Stud Welding, Robotic Welding, Hardware Insertion CNC Machining, Punch Plasma, 80x160 15K Fibre For over 75 Years./EXCLUDING CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
EDCO Fabrication  
Frederick, MD
EDCO Fabrication specializes in laser cutting, forming and welding. We also offer finishing capabilities that include powder coating, assembly. ISO 9001:2015
Heritage Manufacturing, Inc.  
Wayne, NE
Doing Business for over 50 years! Stainless steel/painted steel enclosures.
Mode Industries, Inc.  
Delavan, WI
Quality Metal Fabrication & Stamping Since 1968
North Central Stampings & Mfg., Inc.  
Blaine, MN
Short-run & long-run metal stampings, tooling, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication & laser cutting
O'Mara Ag & Equipment Services  
Des Moines, IA
Scotchman Industries  
Philip, SD
Metal Fabricating Machinery-Ironworkers-Circular Saws. 50 Years American Made
Sjoberg Tool & Mfg. Corp.  
Hartland, WI
Metal stampings & fabrication for the electronic, vehicle, refrigeration, medical, construction, and mobile hydraulic industries; including laser cutting, turret punching, folding, forming, machining, TIG & MIG welding, finishing, & fastener installation
Suburban Metalcraft, Inc.  
Franklin Park, IL
Metal stampings & assemblies & recreational vehicle locks
Tubular USA, Inc.  
Weldon Spring, MO
Distributor of galvanized steel pipe & tubing, including valued-added services
Ace Welding Co., Inc.  
Merrimack, NH
Welding, custom fabrication, sheetmetal steel/stainless steel/aluminum, portable units & free quotes
Flint Cliffs Mfg. Corp.  
Burlington, IA
Metal fabrication, powder coat painting, subcontract manufacturing, assembly, storage, engineering & woodburning fireplaces
Hughes Parker Industries, LLC  
Lawrenceburg, TN
Contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal stampings, metal fabrication, manual & robotic welding, e-coating, powder coating & assemblies, including complete product assembly, testing & packaging
Janco Industries, Inc.  
Sully, IA
Metal fabrication, laser cutting, powder coating & machining job shop
M. Lizen Manufacturing Company  
University Park, IL
ISO 9001:2015
North Metro Saw, Inc.  
Cambridge, MN
Also Processing
Northern Metal Products, Inc.  
St. Cloud, MN
Wire Fabricating/Laser cutting, Tube and Sheet Metal, Metal fabricating, including, stamping, tube bending and fabricating, Robotic Mig welding, and powder coating.
O & A Mfg., Inc.  
Verona, WI
A 9001:2015 Certified Metal Stamper & Fabricator. From Prototype to Production. Presses up to 220 ton-plus fabrication, assembly, laser cutting, tool & die & wire EDM
PowerFab, Inc.  
Merrimack, NH
Custom metal fabrication & distributor of replacement components for the power generation industry
Q Shop Precision Welding  
Minneapolis, MN
TIG, MIG, Spot, Stud, and Robotic Welding; Machining & Tapping Aluminium * Stainless Steel * Steel * More
Service Stampings Illinois, Inc.  
Roselle, IL
High Quality Precision & Custom Stamping Services
Swift Fab  
Gardena, CA
Precision sheet metal fabrication
Zephyr Products, Inc.  
Leavenworth, KS
We take the pain out sourcing your OEM parts-Laser-Form-Tube Bend-Weld - Powder Coating - the Complete Solution
ADM Custom Metal Fabrication, Inc.  
Nutley, NJ
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services For Both Large & Small Production Runs
Big River Shipbuilders Fabrication Shop  
Vicksburg, MS
63,000+ sq. ft., fully equipped fab and machine shop * Plasma torch system and 5 axis water jet
Bouchat Industries, Inc.  
Baltimore, MD
Welding/Fabrication & Machining
Central Sheet Metal Products, Inc.  
Skokie, IL
Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Product Design & Engineering
Durex, Inc.  
Union, NJ
ISO 9001:2015 Certified; Contract Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Metal Stamping to 400 tons.
Fabricated Metal Products LLC  
Cudahy, WI
Fabrication of medium to heavy plate, bar, angles & tube in carbon, alloy, stainless & aluminum
Falls Manufacturing, Inc.  
Richfield, WI
Precision Custom Fabrications
Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co.  
Hastings, NE
Aluminum, steel, stainless steel & powder coating finishing. Plus tube bending & fabricating. ISO 9001
Industrial Metalworks, Inc.  
Savannah, GA
Custom metal fabricating-all types of metals
JIT Manufacturing, Inc.  
Woodinville, WA
Precision sheet metal fabrication & CNC machining of parts, including welding, punching, forming, laser cutting, plating, painting & powder coating
Mack Hils Metal Fabrication  
Moberly, MO
Metal stamping & fabrication
MCL Industries, Inc.  
Pulaski, WI
ISO 9001:2015 Engineering & Manufacturing partner specializing in power distribution, operator interface and electro-mechanical assemblies
Q Pacific Manufacturing Corp.  
Tualatin, OR
Laser Cutting, Stamping, Welding
Robinson Incorporated  
De Pere, WI
Stainless sheet, structural steel & pipe fabrication, CNC machining & assembly of custom sound-reducing metal enclosures & ASME code R, S & U stamp pipe & vessels. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
Roeslein & Assocs., Inc.  
Red Bud, IL
Manufacturing facility offering steel fab, pipe fab, robotic welding, laser cutting, electrical, liquid paint and powder coating services for the industrial manufacturing, oil & gas & renewable energy industries.
Summit Metals Corp.  
Rhome, TX
Doing Business Since 1996
Universal Enterprises, Inc.  
Shinnston, WV
All types of Round & Rectangular Tanks, Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication
AAA Metal Fabrication  
Beaverton, OR
Stainless steel tanks, fermenters, brewing vessels, breweries, crush pad systems & processing equipment for the food processing, wine & brewing industries
APT Machining, Inc.  
Kasota, MN
General machining job shop & repair
Arrow Tank & Engineering Co.  
Cambridge, MN
Asme Pressure Vessels, Steel Tanks, Storage Tanks, Custom Metal Fabrication
B & K Installations, Inc.  
Homestead, FL
Waterjet cutting services, contract structural steel, engineered commercial greenhouses, prefabricated metal shelters, agriculture machinery & nuclear, water & sewer management support & machining
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List of verified suppliers of contract & custom metal fabrication of steel, plate & tubing, CNC punching & brake pressing, robotic welding & mechanical & electrical assemblies, high-speed laser blanking, TIG, assembly, painting, plating & kitting, laser cutting, welding & powder coating, painting & electromechanical assembly, sheet, CNC press braking, CNC vertical milling, spot, hardware insertion & assembly services, stainless steel/painted steel enclosures for electronic controls, PLCs, electrical enclosures & boxes, display components, carts, welded assemblies & stampings, tooling, sheet metal fabrication & laser cutting, hydraulic ironworkers, tube & pipe notching machines, hydraulic presses, metal stampings & precision light-gauge sheet metal fabrication, turret punching, machining, vehicle, medical, metal stampings & assemblies & recreational vehicle locks, DOM, stainless steel & HSS pipe, swaging, bending, drilling, machining & welding of restaurant equipment & portable units, subcontract manufacturing, storage, contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal stampings, manual & robotic welding, powder coating & assemblies, testing & packaging, tube & plate cutting & fabrication & CNC machining job shop, heat treating, plating & painting services, CNC wire forming, tube & CNC tube forming, wire forms, robotic MIG welding, packaging & light assembly services, custom metal fabrication & replacement components for the power generation industry, steel & stainless steel structural, short, grinding & straightening services, prototypes & tool & die job shop, plate & sheet metal fabrication & certified welding, drafting, kitting & logistical services, laser cutting & robotic welding, custom & heavy metal fabrication, machining & mobile service, precision sheet metal parts, chassis, faceplates, covers, electromechanical assembly & powder coating services, alloy, bar & tube fabrication, manual/robotic welding, aluminum sheet & steel plate fabrication of brackets, tanks & weldments, prototype machining & production machining, custom metal fabrication & powder coating, pressure vessels, ducts & hoppers, metal stampings & fabrication, subassemblies & whole goods, light- to heavy-duty welding, energy storage products & systems, CNC machining & assembly of custom sound-reducing metal enclosures & ASME code R, fabrication of modularized units & products for the can making, oil & gas, plate & sheet metal fabrication & welding job shop, shearing & welding, aluminum & stainless steel fabrication, fermenters, breweries, wine & brewing industries, metal fabrication of pressure vessels & tanks, waterjet cutting services, engineered commercial greenhouses, agriculture machinery & nuclear.

Metal fabrication forms the backbone of countless innovations, shaping the products we use every day. This week, we're taking a closer look at the U.S. metal fabrication industry, exploring the latest trends and statistics in this powerful industry based on the key data points gathered directly from the 2,300 U.S. metal fabrication companies by MNI. We'll also examine the industry's largest companies and top suppliers. ...(Full Article)
Sjoberg Tool and Mfg. Corporation has increased capacity with the addition of its new Gladwin Automation Robotic Bending Cell which combines a Kuka robotic arm with a Safan press brake to accurately bend and form blank parts. This cell began producing parts in September 2023....(Full Article)
The PressPro Series of 5 hydraulic press models were redesigned by Scotchman Industries with improved hydraulic configuration and a heavier-duty base and forklift accommodations (except model 176MT) to assist with installation or repositioning of the machine. ...(Full Article)
Scotchman Industries and Steelmax Tools, two leading providers of steel fabrication equipment and solutions, announced today that they have joined forces to form the SMX Industrial Solutions group of companies with the investment support of Emko Capital. Under the SMX Industrial Solutions umbrella, Scotchman and Steelmax will both be able to bring a broader portfolio of industry-leading solutions to our customers while maintaining each company�s strong individual identity and expertise. ...(Full Article)
If you are looking for a versatile and efficient machine that can perform both grinding and notching tasks on various sizes and shapes of metal tubes and pipes, you might want to consider a grinder/notcher. But how do you choose the right grinder/notcher for your metalworking needs? There are many factors to consider, such as the grinding capacity, the speed, the ease of setup and operation, the safety features, and the price. In this blog post, we will introduce you to four models of grinder/notchers from Scotchman Industries, a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment since 1967. We will compare their features and benefits, and help you decide which one is best suited for your specific applications....(Full Article)
Have a great product you're ready to put into production but want more control over the process? We recently heard from our friends at Brixius Manufacturing, Inc., who summed up the struggles of scrambling project managers everywhere:...(Full Article)
China's economic growth hit a 27-year low as a result of the trade war this past year. With tariffs as high as 25% on certain goods, the cost for U.S.-based manufacturers that build in China has increased to the point that many are opting to reduce their footprint there. That, in turn, provides an opportunity for domestic companies to fill the gap in the production supply chain....(Full Article)
Many industries, including transportation, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, plumbing and construction, use fabricated metal products. They are largely responsible for the continued growth in the industry that makes those products. They're created by taking simple parts and forming them into another shape or assembly. An example is taking a metal sheet and creating a hubcap by pressing it into the right shape and punching bolt holes in it....(Full Article)
The metal fabrication products industry continues to evolve as technology advances, incorporating new advances in automation. The trend toward automation simplifies the production process and allows for reduced reliance on humans and human resources. 3D printing is another trend, allowing for precision and ease in creating prototypes. ...(Full Article)
Structural steel fabrication is a growing sector of U.S. manufacturing. According to data gathered by IndustryNet, jobs have increased by 2.85 percent and sales by 2.96 percent over the past year. During the same period, sales in some other segments of the metal fabrication industry have held steady or experienced slight decreases. Prefabricated components offer builders and contractors significant advantages in both quality and convenience. Operations involved in fabrication include cleaning, machining, welding and transportation. Some companies offer additional finishing services such as painting to protect structural steel components from corrosion. While traditional building design has been dependent on the use of two-dimensional drawings, developments in computer technology have...(Full Article)
Metal fabrication is a significant contributor to the industrial economy in the United States. The nation's 7,110 metal fabrication companies are in great demand. Data gathered by IndustryNet shows sales in the industry have surged 8% in the past twelve months, while employment has grown 1.7%, These companies generated over $71 billion in revenue in 2017, and currently employ 147,504 in the U.S. The distribution, sales, and workforce data vary by location and industry segment. This article will explore those differences and the criteria by which businesses may make an informed selection of a metal fabrication company. Companies that illustrate different aspects of this industry and the services they offer to customers, will be highlighted. Choosing a metal fabrication provider The...(Full Article)
Finding the right type of machine shop
Monday, December 4, 2017
Recent data collected by IndustryNet shows the U.S. is home to hundreds of thriving machine shops, ready to take on your company's next machining order. Sales in the industry topped $261 million in 2016, and employment inched up a half percent. Your search for the right machine shop should begin with the nature of the machine work that you require. IndustryNet has compiled some top machine shops in the U.S. that provide outstanding service for different types of machine work. Precision machining Whether you need a prototype for a new medical device or a large lot of items for the automotive or aircraft industry, JC Milling Co. in Machesney Park, Illinois can meet your needs. JC Milling also applies various protective coatings. Though it began in 1979 as a local machine shop, JC Mil...(Full Article)
According to new data released this week by MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial information that powers IndustryNet, Wisconsin manufacturing continues to thrive, with the sector adding jobs for a sixth straight year. This post will take a look at some major Wisconsin manufacturing industries and how they've fared this survey period, and will delve into city, county and regional data. We'll also examine some of the major announcements made over the past six years, and explore exactly what's driving Wisconsin manufacturing forward. MNI reports Wisconsin manufacturers added 2,495 new net jobs between August 2016 and August 2017, representing a half percent gain. Job gains over the past year were spread across multiple sectors, a reflection of Wisconsin's diverse economy. T...(Full Article)
When looking for a sheet metal fabricator for your company's needs, it's important to do some research and ask the right questions. Many shops have similar approaches, but have different services or unique processes that others do not. Remember, it's not just about getting a good price; it's about finding the right fabricator to fit all your needs, including quality, service and delivery. Here are some things to consider as you begin your search: Ask about the manufacturer's techniques and different metals used. Matching your needs to their capabilities is more likely to ensure that you get the product you want and within your budget. For example, say you're seeking metal fabrication for a duct system. Instead of hunting down individual parts made by a couple different manufactures, ...(Full Article)
It is important to pick a supplier whose equipment, skills, experience, schedule, and supplemental services match your project requirements. The businesses cited in this article exemplify different aspects to consider in choosing a laser cutting service. For businesses in need of prototyping or long tube drilling, JD Laser has a 100,000 square foot facility in Hartford, Wisconsin. Its equipment includes: -2D lasers, effective for short lead time and prototyping. -3D lasers, capable of almost any configuration to produce clean cuts and smooth edges. -Tube lasers which can drill holes in tubes up to 27.5 feet, and of any shape. JD employs an Adige programming system which allows quicker preparation and visualization of components, enabling a project to be taken from start to finis...(Full Article)
U.S. manufacturing activity expanded at a steady clip in July, though at a somewhat slower rate than reported in June, according to new data released this morning by the Institute for Supply Management . The ISM's manufacturing index now stands at 56.3% -- 1.5% lower than June's 57.8, but still representative of a thriving U.S. manufacturing sector that is closing in on a full year of expansion. July's reading marks the manufacturing sector's 11th consecutive month of growth, and the 98th consecutive month of expansion for the U.S. economy as a whole. The ISM's Manufacturing Report on Business is a leading economic indicator based on a survey of the nation's supply executives. June's reading of 57.8 was the highest level the Institute has recorded in 3 years with industrial production ...(Full Article)
New data from the Institute for Supply Managment released this morning shows manufacturing activity in the U.S. inched up in May. The ISM's latest Manufacturing Report on Business, a leading economic indicator based on a survey of the nation's supply executives, shows U.S. manufacturing activity rose 0.1% to 54.9% in May, from 54.8% in April, marking the sector's ninth consecutive month of growth. A reading of 50% or higher indicates expansion. Growth was reported in fifteen of the eighteen manufacturing industries surveyed by the ISM, and included nonmetallic mineral products; furniture & related products; plastics & rubber products; machinery; primary metals; food, beverage & tobacco; and electrical equipment. Apparel, leather & allied products as well as textile mills were the onl...(Full Article)
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