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12 companies listed under BURIAL GARMENTS.

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Company City, State/Province Info Phone Fax Web Email Catalog
Barber, Inc., Rita Abilene, TX More Information on Barber, Inc., Rita          
Ethel Maid Schuylkill Haven, PA More Information on Ethel Maid          
Farnsworth Gowns & Funeral Supplies Pittsburgh, PA More Information on Farnsworth Gowns & Funeral Supplies          
International Burial Dress Co. Louisville, KY More Information on International Burial Dress Co.          
Jerusalem Shrouds, Inc. Monsey, NY More Information on Jerusalem Shrouds, Inc.          
Lockwoven Co. St. Louis, MO More Information on Lockwoven Co.          
Lunsford-Wilson Co. College Park, GA More Information on Lunsford-Wilson Co.          
R C H Designs, Inc. Rowlett, TX More Information on R C H Designs, Inc.          
Rest In Beauty Bamberg, SC More Information on Rest In Beauty          
Rose Solomon Co. Brooklyn, NY More Information on Rose Solomon Co.          
Taitt Burial Garments Chicago, IL More Information on Taitt Burial Garments          
Vera Lee Garment Co. Fort Worth, TX More Information on Vera Lee Garment Co.          
Company City, State/Province Info Phone Fax Web Email Catalog



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Businesses on this page offer burial garments, burial garments, including dresses, suits, slippers & accessories, burial gowns, burial dresses, negligee, handkerchiefs, jewelry bags & scarves, jewish burial shrouds, men's & women's burial garments for the death care industry & private label elegant women’s dresses, undergarments & essentials & men’s suits & outerwear.

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