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New Mexico business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of NM communities

Relocate or Expand to New Mexico - U.S. Industrial Expansion & Relocation Guide for Manufacturing Companies - Learn more about the New Mexico business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of NM communities. Helping decision makers at U.S. manufacturing establishments find new locations to relocate or expand.
New Mexico Business Data*

New Mexico

Population: 2,009,671
Total Labor Force: 927,700
Unemployment Rate: 6.6%
Number of Manufacturers: 1,802
Manufacturing Jobs: 43,038
Right to Work: No
Unemp. Ins. Tax: 0.055.4%
Corporate Income Tax:
Graduated: 4.8% for net incomes under $500,000; $24,000 plus 6.4% of net income over $500,000; $56,000 plus 7.6% of net income over $1,000,000.

Sales Tax:
5.125%. Receipts from selling property to persons in the manufacturing business, from selling the service of combining or processing materials to a manufacturer, or the sale of property to be used in the manufacture of jewelry may be deducted.

Property Tax:
The State Assessed Properties Bureau (SAPB) values property and processes property tax returns and establishes the values of these properties.

Leading Manufacturing Industries:
(by % of total manufacturing employment)
16% Electronic and other electric equipment
14% Food and kindred products
11% Industrial machinery and equipment
8% Printing and publishing
8% Chemicals and allied products

Largest Manufacturing Establishments:
(by number of employees)
Intel Corp. (Rio Rancho) - 3,500
Honeywell Aerospace (Albuquerque) - 900
Intrepid Potash N.M., LLC (Carlsbad) - 800
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. (Albuquerque) - 800
ConocoPhillips (Farmington) - 700
Counties with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Bernalillo - 23,795
San Juan - 7,333
Eddy - 5,259
Lea - 5,225
Sandoval - 4,993

Cities with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Albuquerque - 23,683
Farmington - 5,365
Rio Rancho - 4,563
Hobbs - 3,973
Carlsbad - 2,849

Manufacturing Related Business Incentives:
High Wage Jobs Tax Credit
Manufacturers' Investment Tax Credit
New Markets Tax Credit
Rural Jobs Tax Credit
Technology Jobs Tax Credit
Aircraft Manufacturing Tax Deduction
Research & Development Tax Deduction
Agricultural Business Tax Deductions and Exemptions
Advanced Energy Tax Credits
Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit
Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
Solar Energy Systems Gross Receipts Tax Exemption
Research & Development Small Business Tax Credit
Community Development Revolving Loan Fund (CDRLF)
Smart Money Loan Participation Fund
Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP)

Economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and other organizations and businesses to help with your relocation or expansion:

Carlsbad Department Of Development
A private non-profit organization that is dedicated to the growth of Eddy County and Carlsbad's manufacturing, mining, energy production and nuclear industries. Offer local incentives and vital networking with leaders from local and state government and business organizations.
P.O. Box 1090, Carlsbad, NM 88221 (Map & Aerial View)
(575) 887-6562

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*Manufacturing stats updated on 3/18/2014. All other stats updated on 3/18/2014. Listings updated on 4/18/2014.

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