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New Hampshire business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of NH communities

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New Hampshire Business Data*

New Hampshire

Population: 1,324,575
Total Labor Force: 742,600
Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
Number of Manufacturers: 2,474
Manufacturing Jobs: 78,984
Right to Work: No
Unemp. Ins. Tax: 0.97.0%
Corporate Income Tax:

Sales Tax:

Property Tax:
Local property taxes, based upon assessed valuation, are assessed, levied and collected by municipalities. A state education property tax rate of total equalized valuation is assessed on all New Hampshire property owners.

Leading Manufacturing Industries:
(by % of total manufacturing employment)
17% Industrial machinery and equipment
15% Electronic and other electric equipment
11% Instruments and related products
9% Fabricated metal products
7% Printing and publishing

Largest Manufacturing Establishments:
(by number of employees)
Warrior Systems Insight L-3 (Londonderry) - 1,200
United Natural Foods, Inc. (Chesterfield) - 800
Enterasys Networks, Inc. (Salem) - 800
Sig Sauer, Inc. (Newington) - 800
Hitchiner Mfg. Co., Inc. (Milford) - 750
Counties with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Hillsborough - 30,964
Rockingham - 21,550
Merrimack - 9,381
Cheshire - 7,788
Grafton - 6,534

Cities with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Manchester - 8,882
Nashua - 6,278
Londonderry - 4,517
Hudson - 4,240
Portsmouth - 4,042

Manufacturing Related Business Incentives:
No Inventory Taxes or Capital Gains Taxes
Economic Revitalization Zone Tax Credits
Community Devlopment Block Grants
Coos County Job Creation Tax Credit
Job Training Fund
Energy Efficiency Loans
Research and Development Tax Credit
Industrial Revenue Bonds
Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) (Federal contract procurement assistance)
New Hampshire International Trade Resource Center (ITRC) Assistance
New Hampshire Industrial Research Center (IRC) matching grants
Job Opportunity Benefit (JOB) Loan Program (For Rochester only)

Economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and other organizations and businesses to help with your relocation or expansion:

City Of Dover, Business & Industrial Development Authority
Business retention and outreach to enhance community wealth and job creation. Awarded one of the top 100 places to live in the U.S., by CNN Money Magazine
288 Central Ave., Dover, NH 03820 (Map & Aerial View)
(603) 516-6043

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*Manufacturing stats updated on 3/18/2014. All other stats updated on 3/18/2014. Listings updated on 4/24/2014.

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