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Nebraska business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of NE communities

Relocate or Expand to Nebraska - U.S. Industrial Expansion & Relocation Guide for Manufacturing Companies - Learn more about the Nebraska business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of NE communities. Helping decision makers at U.S. manufacturing establishments find new locations to relocate or expand.
Nebraska Business Data*


Population: 1,796,619
Total Labor Force: 1,022,500
Unemployment Rate: 3.5%
Number of Manufacturers: 2,743
Manufacturing Jobs: 120,368
Right to Work: Yes
Unemp. Ins. Tax: 08.66%
Corporate Income Tax:
5.58% on first $50,000; 7.81% on income over $100,000

Sales Tax:
5.5%. Exemptions include: Goods in transit; pollution control equipment; industrial machinery & equipment; industrial fuels and raw materials.

Property Tax:
Levied by county and municipal subdivisions. All property is assessed at 100% of actual value. Industrial sites located outside Nebraska cities are taxed at a lower rate than within city limits. No state property tax. Exemptions include: Business inventories.

Leading Manufacturing Industries:
(by % of total manufacturing employment)
32% Food and kindred products
10% Industrial machinery and equipment
8% Printing and publishing
8% Transportation equipment
8% Fabricated metal products

Largest Manufacturing Establishments:
(by number of employees)
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. (Dakota City) - 3,600
JBS (Grand Island) - 3,000
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. (Lexington) - 2,300
Cargill Meat Solutions (Schuyler) - 2,200
Farmland Foods, Inc. (Crete) - 2,000
ConAgra Foods, Inc. (Omaha) - 2,000
Counties with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Douglas - 44,389
Lancaster - 21,344
Hall - 9,056
Platte - 6,022
Madison - 5,237

Cities with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Omaha - 40,031
Lincoln - 20,426
Grand Island - 8,614
Columbus - 5,418
Norfolk - 3,949

Manufacturing Related Business Incentives:
Nebraska Advantage Act (tax credits)
Tax increment financing for blighted land
A $10 million and 100-employee investment qualifies co's for personal property tax exemptions for 15 years for turbine-powered aircraft, personal computer systems, agricultural products and processing machinery.
Job Creation Tax Credit
Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDBs)
Nebraska Investment Finance Authorities
Economic Development Loan Program
Nebraska Development Finance Service
Nebraska Energy Fund
Small Business Innovation Research Program
Statewide SBA 504
Skill Training Employment Program
Heartland Capital Fund Limited (seed capital)
Nebraska Enterprise Opportunity Network
Community Improvement Financing
Nebraska Venture Capital Forum Program
Nebraska Internship Program

Economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and other organizations and businesses to help with your relocation or expansion:

McCook Economic Development
Now known as the McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the mission of the organization has not changed-to facilitate the formation, retention, attraction, and expansion of businesses in McCook and the surrounding area.
402 Norris Ave., Ste. 301, McCook, NE 69001 (Map & Aerial View)
(308) 345-1200 or (800) 658-4213

(308) 345-2152 Fax

Nebraska Department of Economic Development
Many companies in the U.S. and around the world have discovered that Nebraska offers the ideal location, quality workforce and positive economic environment for a variety of industries and business endeavors. Other Nebraska advantages include low cost, reliable power, first class abundant telecom infrastructure, central location, reduction of corporate burden, business-friendly atmosphere, tax incentives, job training and high ranking quality of life.
P.O. Box 94666, Lincoln, NE 68509 (Map & Aerial View)
(402) 471-3111

Sidney Cheyenne County Economic Development
The City of Sidney, Cheyenne County & the Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce have provided a consolidated economic development partnership from 1991-2011 that has resulted in solid growth & momentum heading into the future. Despite economic challenges on a regional & national basis the past several months, Sidney continues to have one of the stronger economies in Nebraska. Call Community Development: 308-254-8455 or City Manager: 308-254-4444
1115 13th Ave., Sidney, NE 69162 (Map & Aerial View)
(308) 254-4444 or (308) 254-8455

(308) 254-3164 Fax

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*Manufacturing stats updated on 3/18/2014. All other stats updated on 3/18/2014. Listings updated on 4/24/2014.

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