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California business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of CA communities

Relocate or Expand to California - U.S. Industrial Expansion & Relocation Guide for Manufacturing Companies - Learn more about the California business climate, manufacturer incentives, and advantages of CA communities. Helping decision makers at U.S. manufacturing establishments find new locations to relocate or expand.
California Business Data*


Population: 37,691,912
Total Labor Force: 18,658,200
Unemployment Rate: 7.6%
Number of Manufacturers: 24,598
Manufacturing Jobs: 1,438,377
Right to Work: No
Unemp. Ins. Tax: 1.5-6.2%
Corporate Income Tax:

Sales Tax:

Property Tax:
County government levies and administers property taxes. Levied on 100% of assessed value. Average rate for California is 1.1%.

Leading Manufacturing Industries:
(by % of total manufacturing employment)
17% Electronic and other electric equipment
12% Industrial machinery and equipment
12% Food and kindred products
9% Transportation equipment
8% Instruments and related products

Largest Manufacturing Establishments:
(by number of employees)
Google, Inc. (Mountain View) - 17,000
Northrop Grumman Space & Technology (Redondo Beach) - 10,000
Apple, Inc. (Cupertino) - 10,000
Warner Bros. (Burbank) - 9,000
Intel Corp. (Santa Clara) - 8,500
Adobe Systems, Inc. (San Jose) - 8,500
Counties with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Los Angeles - 471,076
Santa Clara - 209,524
Orange - 206,576
San Diego - 135,195
Alameda - 82,124

Cities with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Los Angeles - 83,375
San Diego - 73,564
San Jose - 65,023
Irvine - 44,665
Santa Clara - 35,381

Manufacturing Related Business Incentives:
Research and Development Tax Credit
Net Operating Loss Carryover
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Sales & Use Tax Exemptions for Clean Tech Manufacturing
No Finished Goods, Raw Materials or Inventory Tax
Market Development and Expansion Grant Program
Recycling Market Development Zone Revolving Loan Program (RMDZ)
Innovation Hub (iHub) Initiative
California Business Investment Services (CalBIS)
Enterprise Zones (EZ)
Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRA)
Manufacturing Enhancement Areas (MEAs)
Targeted Tax Areas (TTA)
Empowerment Zones
Foreign Trade Zones
California Employment Training Panel
Industrial Development Bonds
Pollution Control Financing
Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (AB 118)
Small Business Loan Guarantee

Economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and other organizations and businesses to help with your relocation or expansion:

Escondido Chamber of Commerce
Cultivating economic growth & prosperity.
720 N. Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025 (Map & Aerial View)
(760) 745-2125

Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance (GAVEA)
Labor, Lifestyle & Los Angeles all within Your Reach
1028 W. Avenue L12, Ste. 101, Lancaster, CA 93534 (Map & Aerial View)
(661) 945-2741

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*Manufacturing stats updated on 6/20/2014. All other stats updated on 6/20/2014. Listings updated on 8/20/2014.

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